Real estate in Egypt

Real estate in Egypt

New Cairo, Egypt
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    Egypt real estate, facts and prospects

    The average growth of the Egyptian real estate market is 10.5-11% per year, according to experts and the country's government, by 2028 it can reach a volume of $30 billion.

    Let's turn to the report of the head of analytics and investment block of VelesClub Int. Ksenia Shamitko:

    - The demand for residential real estate in Egypt is growing from year to year, this is facilitated by population growth and the country’s Government’s loyal policy towards foreigners and migrants. In Cairo and Alexandria, there continues to be strong interest in apartments, townhouses and villas catering to different market segments;
    - There is an active step in the country towards the “affordability” of residential meters. The price per square meter in Cairo and Alexandria remains at a relatively low level, which significantly increases the range of interests in the country’s real estate market, both among foreigners for relocation, permanent residence and investment, and among the local population;
    - The Egyptian government has taken a course towards environmentally friendly housing. Investors and buyers are increasingly turning to properties that incorporate green technology and sustainable architecture;
    - New technologies are actively used in construction, including “smart houses” and digital solutions for property management. Developers are actively using the latest technologies to increase the attractiveness of their projects;
    - The choice of projects on the Egyptian real estate market is quite diverse, including government-subsidized and low-cost projects, which helps interested parties and investors find suitable and efficient (from an economic point of view) property;
    - in Egypt, the “Expert Real Estate Valuation” mechanism is actively developing, which helps maintain a qualitative balance between the desire to save money and select quality real estate.

    2023 has shown us that the Egyptian real estate market demonstrates a decent set of opportunities and developing trends. Based on an affordable housing program, sustainable economic development (with the help of Saudi Arabia) and active integration of technology, the market continually offers various profitable prospects for investors and buyers.

    “You are definitely a winner, if you have “real money” in the moment, you can actively bargain with sellers and reach a deal with the most favorable rate. Don’t forget to enlist the support of leading companies in the global real estate and investment markets for advice and transaction support to increase capital.” – summarizes the General Managing Partner of VelesClub Int. Sergey Tumanov.

    Any real estate investment requires evaluation and balance, and complete trust in market experts. A team of experienced managers at VelesClub Int. I am always ready to answer all your questions and accompany you at all stages of the transaction and subsequent reinvestment and diversification of your investment portfolio.


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