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Buying an apartment in Phuket is profitable, prestigious and easy

Owning real estate is not only a guarantee of your own safety (after all, the truth "my house is my fortress" has remained unchanged for thousands of years), but also an excellent investment in the future. This is especially true if you are buying a house in one of the most attractive and popular corners of the world. With our help, you can buy an apartment in Phuket – in this heavenly place on earth, which is replete with magnificent panoramas, lush greenery and the brightness of floral colors.

A little bit about Phuket

Before buying an apartment in Phuket, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with this corner of the globe in more detail. This island of Thailand is well known to vacationers who prefer cozy, comfortable places with magnificent panoramas. According to research, the best resorts in the world are located here – clean, quiet and peaceful.
Phuket is also considered attractive for lovers of antiquity. There are many attractions on the island, which are visited daily by crowds of tourists. Ancient architecture, houses exuding the spirit of antiquity and huge mansions, monuments – you will have to spend a lot of time on a thorough study of all the objects, because each of them has its own unique history, shrouded in riddles and myths.

In addition to the numerous tropical beaches, local attractions and natural beauties, Phuket is considered attractive for real estate investments. A well–developed infrastructure, a lot of opportunities for conducting and actively developing business are only a small part of the advantages of the island.
It should also be mentioned that if you plan to buy an apartment in Thailand, Phuket is considered the most profitable investment of finances, because the cost of real estate here, due to its popularity, is rapidly increasing. In a few years, according to experts involved in price monitoring, they will become several times higher. That is why now is the most appropriate time to take care of your financial security and make a profitable purchase.

The excellent location of Phuket is another significant advantage that property owners note. From here it is easy to get to the neighboring islands or, if necessary, to get to the continent. This can be done both by water (all kinds of water transport depart from Phuket daily) and by air, spending a minimum of time on the flight. In most cases, they prefer traveling by boats or yachts – this allows you to fully immerse yourself in the pristine world of nature, breathe fresh sea air, and enjoy the endless landscapes of the sea.
A small nuance is that only 1% of the coast is allocated for buildings near the sea. Almost 70% is a protected area, which is strictly protected by the state. That is why apartments in Phuket from the developer, if they are located on the seashore, are considered the most expensive. The first thing that affects the cost is the advantageous location in one of the most colorful corners of the island. Secondly, there are not too many apartments near the sea coast, and there are minimal chances that in the near future the government will decide to change the legislation and allocate additional territory for development.

Why should you take care of buying a property in Phuket right now

It is not for nothing that for many years it has been believed that investing in real estate is the most profitable investment. This not only allows you to save them, but also significantly increase them, waiting for the most favorable time for sale.
If you enter the query "Thailand, Phuket, apartments" in the search, there will not be too many attractive offers. The reason is quite obvious – real estate is in high demand, so it is quickly sorted out. Even the most modest apartments are not ignored by buyers who are in a hurry to invest their money profitably.
It should also be borne in mind that Phuket is not too big an island. There are also a limited number of places for development here, and due to the activity of the appearance of more and more new buildings, they will soon be gone. This will lead to a rapid increase in prices, because the number of people wishing to settle on this picturesque island is not decreasing, but on the contrary is rapidly increasing.
Another reason to take care of buying an apartment in Phuket (Thailand) is with our help – we guarantee the most attractive real estate offers. We will not be able to keep super tasty prices for a long time – they will increase very soon, since there is already an upward trend, since the construction sites are almost running out.

New opportunities for property owners in Phuket

How to buy an apartment in Phuket profitably, real estate prices on the island are not the only thing that worries potential apartment owners in a new building. If a citizen of another country is going to settle on the most popular island of Thailand, the question that is most important to him is what opportunities open up for him?
First of all, this is not only an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent scenery directly from the apartment window or relax on the comfortable and cozy beach of the island.
It is important to remember that long-term stay in the country is possible only if certain types of visas are available. So, there is a Thai Elite Visa, which provides an opportunity to live in the country for a long time. The smart visa is intended for managers and qualified specialists, and the LTR visa is a resident visa. In addition, there is the possibility of obtaining a study visa or choosing from many other ways to legally stay. Obtaining a visa for pensioners is also in demand.

Renting an apartment for a long period is not just unprofitable, but fabulously expensive, and not everyone can afford it. It is much easier to acquire real estate in a timely manner – it will cost, if compared with a long-term lease, almost the same. As a result, buying your own home will be more profitable and will allow you to become the rightful owner of a comfortable apartment.
Foreign citizens are granted the right to stay in Thailand to own real estate. But the terms and conditions may vary depending on the type of property and the status of the owner. For example, to obtain a long-term visa based on real estate ownership, certain criteria must be met: the value of the property, the period of ownership, etc. But being in Thailand for real estate ownership does not automatically give you the right to work or earn income in the country. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, it is advisable to consult with specialists in order to obtain all accurate information and comply with the requirements of local legislation.

Another nuance that should be taken into account is that you will have to pay state tax when buying. In Thailand, it varies depending on the type of property and the value of the transaction. Usually, the buyer has to pay 2% of the estimated value of the property or of the price specified in the purchase and sale agreement (the largest amount of the two is chosen). If the value exceeds 40 million baht (about 1.3 million US dollars), the sales tax is 3%.
The tax on transfer of ownership is 3.3%. It is usually paid if the house is sold less than five years after its acquisition.
Some foreigners get a pretty good passive income from renting an apartment. If we take into account that Thailand remains popular for tourists at any time, and wealthy vacationers are rushing here from all over the world, you can make good money without making any effort at all. The main thing is to do everything in accordance with the law, concluding a lease agreement, otherwise you may face serious problems.

In addition to the opportunity to earn money by renting out their own real estate to tourists and vacationers, owners also receive pleasant bonuses for doing business. The country creates the most attractive conditions for businessmen, since the government is interested in attracting investments and replenishing the budget, which is formed in large part from business revenues.
Another huge plus that businessmen note is a well–thought-out tax system. It is as low as possible, which allows you to receive good income from any type of business..

According to statistics, industry provides a little less than 40% of the country's GDP. Tourism on the island is actively flourishing and significantly exceeds budget revenues from industrial business. Every year, vacationers bring in more than 50% of GDP, and this is far from the limit, because the construction of new facilities is ongoing nonstop, and this ensures that there will be more and more tourists on the island.


The cost of an apartment in Phuket – how much it costs, how to buy as profitably as possible


Prices for apartments in Thailand and Phuket differ significantly depending on the location, size and type of housing, comfort level and availability of amenities, proximity to the beach and other tourist attractions.
Since our company has been working in this field for several years and specialists are constantly monitoring prices, we can say that we will choose the best option for everyone. 
Prices for apartments in Phuket depend on many factors. This includes the location of the object on the island (the most expensive property is considered to be in close proximity to the sea and in the center), and the type of real estate, and profitability. The developer should also be taken into account – since the state does not control prices, each of them puts up its own cost for apartments. The last factor is the management company. Her choice also determines how much you will have to pay for housing.
When buying an apartment in Phuket, prices in rubles also depend on the size of the object. For the smallest (about 25 sq. m. m) you will have to pay within 10 million rubles. The projected increase in value, if the subsequent sale of the apartment is planned, is at least 10% per year.
If you are planning to buy an apartment in Phuket, prices in rubles, which of the developers offers the most favorable conditions, how to choose the right property so that the investment really brings maximum income – it's better to find out in advance. We recommend that you trust our specialists, who perfectly know the answers to all your questions and will provide professional support.

Why us?

Let's tell you a little about our company and the advantages of working with us. We have been working in the real estate market for almost ten years, and practically all this time, as practice shows, real estate in Phuket remains as relevant as possible. Moreover, there has been a surge in popularity recently, and the reasons are quite obvious. This is both a profitable investment, and a quick payback, and attractive conditions for doing business on the island, and even obtaining a residence permit without any conditions or restrictions.
If you decide to buy an apartment in Thailand in Phuket, the prices (or rather the choice of the most profitable options) are not the only thing that we can offer. Only with us:

  • A team of real estate gurus is working. We can safely be proud of our professionals who are well-versed in any issues. We closely monitor prices, select the most attractive options, and carefully observe only the interests of our customers.
  • Minimum prices. Can't afford to buy an apartment in Phuket (Thailand) at a high cost? Nothing is impossible for us. Contact us and we will offer the most profitable options that will allow you to become the owner of the desired property with minimal investment.
  • Constant support. Our specialists provide professional support at any stage. Have you already purchased a property, and do not know how to further manage your apartment in order to squeeze the maximum income from it? Leave it to our team! We will help you with renting (we will take care of all the paperwork), tell you how to get the highest profit, how to competently manage your own real estate.
  • On-site consultations. What does it mean? You will not have to contact us remotely or look for a company office on the other side of the globe. Our advantage over other companies that deal with real estate in Phuket is that we work on the island. You can get professional help and support at any time by contacting our office.


Do not forget also that, as in any other place on the planet, buying an apartment in Phuket, selling or renting is associated with a considerable risk of falling for scammers. This threatens serious financial losses, because often scammers are far from the island and it is not possible to find them. In order not to encounter such "surprises", it is better to work together with specialists – this ensures that all transactions will be legal and transparent. The result is a profitable purchase of a comfortable and relatively inexpensive apartment.

Have you decided to buy an apartment in Phuket from a developer and cannot make your own choice? Are there a lot of questions that you can't find answers to? Contact us, and we will consult on real estate on the island for free, we will select the best apartment options. A nice bonus for our clients is insider information, as from realtors who are always on the spot and keep abreast of events!


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