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Top Countries Offering the Best Living Conditions for Young People

For those considering relocating at a young age, the Youth Progress Forum has provided an insightful ranking of countries with the best living conditions for young people. The top five countries in this list may not come as a surprise, as they often feature prominently in various quality-of-life rankings: Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland.

Countries with the Most Significant Improvements

What's more intriguing is to identify the countries that have made the most significant progress in enhancing the living conditions for young people over the past decade. The following nations have shown remarkable improvements:

- Kyrgyzstan
- Croatia
- Tajikistan
- Uzbekistan
- Serbia

These regions have created environments that are highly conducive to the success and development of young individuals.

Kyrgyzstan: Attracting Young Specialists

Notably, Kyrgyzstan has been actively working to attract young specialists, especially from Russia. The country offers one of the simplest schemes for obtaining the status of a "digital nomad," making it an appealing destination for remote work. 

The Youth Progress Forum's rankings shed light on countries that offer favourable living conditions for young people and those that have made notable improvements in this regard. For young individuals seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth, these rankings provide valuable insights.


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