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Short-Term Rentals in Turkey: Navigating New Regulations

Short-term rentals in Turkiye are experiencing changes that bring both clarity and complexity to the industry. A new law passed by Parliament requires homeowners to obtain prior permission, submit full reports, and secure the consent of all residential complex residents if they wish to use their property for tourism purposes.

Stricter Requirements and Exceptions

The law permits short-term rental activities in residential complexes that meet specific hotel-like criteria. These complexes must offer amenities such as a reception desk, security, daily cleaning, medical services, dry cleaning, laundry, transportation, food and shops, gym facilities, swimming pools, and more. However, the law's text doesn't specify the exact characteristics of these qualifying "residences."

In some cases, residential complexes are allowed to rent out a maximum of 25% of their available apartments, provided they are under the same lessor's ownership. The details of this arrangement remain somewhat unclear.

Navigating the Changes

The forthcoming regulations will become effective on January 1, 2024. In the meantime, stakeholders in the short-term rental market in Turkey must adjust to these new rules, despite the remaining questions and ambiguities. The full text of the law on apartment identification, known as "Kat Mülkiyeti Kanunu," may contain further insights, but even local legal experts are navigating uncharted territory.

As the short-term rental landscape in Turkiye undergoes changes, property owners, residents, and industry players must prepare for the upcoming regulations. While challenges and uncertainties exist, the industry will adapt as the new rules take effect.


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