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Property Maintenance in Georgia: A Guide for Owners

Investing in real estate in Georgia comes with numerous advantages, including a simplified visa regime, a straightforward purchase procedure, minimal additional costs, and low taxes. Understanding the maintenance aspect is crucial for property owners. Here's a comprehensive guide:



Annual Taxes for Property Owners:


Owners of real estate in Georgia, irrespective of their citizenship, are subject to property taxes. The annual property tax rate varies between 0.05–2.00% based on the property's location and the owner's family income.



1. Land Tax:


- Agricultural Plots: Rates depend on the region and land category, with variations for arable land and household plots.

- Non-agricultural Plots: Rates are determined by the base rate and territorial coefficient set by each municipality.

- Exemptions: Certain lands are exempt from tax, such as those damaged by natural disasters and newly developed agricultural lands.



2. Property Tax:


- Applicable to a range of properties, including apartments, buildings, structures, and even vehicles.

- Owners determine the property's market value, and tax rates depend on family income and the property's location.



Important Considerations:


- Tax Filing: Owners need to register for tax purposes with the Georgian Revenue Service and file annual tax returns.

- Payment: Taxes are paid annually, with penalties for delays.

- Exemptions: Certain conditions, like low family income or leasing property, exempt owners from property tax.


Understanding these tax obligations ensures a seamless experience for property owners in Georgia, offering the benefits of ownership with clarity on associated responsibilities. Whether it's the picturesque landscapes or the welcoming investment environment, Georgia continues to attract property investors seeking a harmonious blend of lifestyle and financial prudence.


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