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Navigating Property Ownership in Greece: Regulations, Restrictions, and VelesClub's Multilingual Guidance

In Greece, there is only one restriction for foreigners looking to purchase real estate, and it pertains to certain border areas. To acquire property in these specific regions, individuals must obtain permission from the Ministry of Defense.


The application process involves the notary submitting an application to the municipality, typically resulting in permission being granted within ten days. Required documents for the application include a birth certificate, a certificate of no criminal record, proof of income, and a copy of the international passport. Notably, personal presence is usually not mandatory, and real estate agents often assist clients in obtaining the necessary documentation.


Potential buyers should exercise caution when considering properties in the following scenarios:


Areas outside populated areas: Check in advance for any restrictions on development and division into smaller parts.

Properties on the coastline: Construction along the coastline may be subject to specific conditions or restrictions imposed by the state.

Properties in archaeological excavation areas: Development in such areas might be prohibited or allowed only with permission from the Ministry of Culture.

Properties in environmental zones: The Ministry of Environmental Protection may restrict property acquisition or construction in these areas.


For personalized guidance and assistance in navigating the intricacies of real estate transactions in Greece, consider consulting with the multilingual professionals at VelesClub. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for clients from various linguistic backgrounds.


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