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Unveiling Oba, Alanya: A Guide to Real Estate Investment

Oba is an elite area of the Alanya resort, which is chosen not only by Turks but also by immigrants from Great Britain and Russia. What do you need to know about it before investing your hard-earned money in real estate?
# Population – 29 thousand, in the season – twice as much.
# Location – east of the center of Alanya, between Oba Street and the Tosmur district.
# Price per square meter – €1.5-1.8 thousand.
# The average price of objects is €175 thousand.
- Upper Oba
It is located behind the ring road, about 3 km to the sea. Here are the cheapest housing offers. Considered a sleeping area, most of the properties are new buildings, often sparsely populated.
- Average Both
Although it is about 1 km from the sea, it is a very good area for living and long-term investment. Here is the infrastructural heart of the area: schools, kindergartens, shops. At the same time it is quiet and cozy.
- Lower Both
It is located along the coast, so the water is up to 500 meters away. The buildings here are old, low-rise. There are many hotels, tourists, the infrastructure is not so well developed, and real estate is the most expensive.
In general, in each of the city’s microdistricts you can find options that will be a good investment for both renting and living. 


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