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Guide to Working in Turkey: Key Information and Steps to Follow

If you're considering working in Turkey, there are essential steps and information to be aware of. Whether you choose to navigate the process independently or seek assistance from specialized agencies, here's a guide to help you get started:

1. Job Search:

   - Contacting a specialized agency is an option, but it can be costly and may involve risks of encountering scammers.

   - Explore Turkish employment service websites such as HH, SecretCV, and consider monitoring relevant job channels on platforms like Telegram.

2. Language Proficiency:

   - Evaluate your language skills honestly.

   - While a good command of Turkish may be required for positions catering to local residents, knowledge of English is often sufficient for many roles.

3. Legal Formalities:

   - Check whether the company you're interested in can legally hire foreigners.

   - Verify if your profession is on the list of prohibited ones.

4. Working Conditions in Turkey:

   - Standard working day is 8 hours, and overtime must be compensated at 50% higher pay.

   - The minimum duration of each paid leave is 12 working days.

   - Salaries are typically paid in Turkish lira, with the possibility of tying the amount to the dollar exchange rate.

   - In the case of unjustified dismissal from a fixed-term contract, you may be entitled to compensation equivalent to the remaining term of the contract.


Navigating these steps will provide you with a foundation for understanding the Turkish job market and the key considerations when seeking employment in the country.


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