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Egyptian Citizenship: Exploring Opportunities and Requirements

The Egyptian passport, with visa-free access to only 72 countries, might not be the most travel-friendly document. However, there are compelling reasons why individuals seek Egyptian citizenship, beyond its limitations in global mobility. Let's delve into the why and the requirements for obtaining Egyptian citizenship.


Diversifying National Risks

One primary motivation for acquiring Egyptian citizenship is the strategic diversification of "national" risks. This entails creating a clear and convenient pathway to preserve and manage one's capital, engage with international banks and companies, and establish an alternative place of residence.


Accessible to Russian Federation and Belarus Citizens

An essential advantage of the Egyptian citizenship program is its accessibility to citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus, providing an opportunity for individuals from these nations to explore the benefits it offers.


Options and Conditions for Citizenship

Real Estate Investment: A minimum investment of $300 thousand in real estate is required. Multiple properties can be purchased, provided the cumulative investment meets the stipulated amount. The owned properties must be held for at least five years.

Non-Refundable Contribution: An alternative option involves a non-refundable contribution of $250 thousand to the Egyptian treasury. This contribution, akin to the Vanuatu program, is a way of supporting the state financially.

Business Participation: Individuals can opt for participation in a local company with a minimum investment of $450 thousand. Both equity participation and full ownership of the business are permitted. Importantly, $350 thousand can be withdrawn in the future, while $100 thousand constitutes a non-refundable contribution.

Bank Deposit: Opening a deposit in a local bank with a minimum amount of $500 thousand or more is another pathway to Egyptian citizenship. It's worth noting that the deposit must be in Egyptian pounds, introducing a currency-related consideration.



While the Egyptian passport might not be the most powerful in terms of global travel, the citizenship program offers a range of options for those seeking to diversify their assets and explore alternative living arrangements. Prospective applicants should carefully evaluate these options based on their individual circumstances and preferences.


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