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Egyptian Citizenship by Investment: A Numerical Breakdown

For those seeking a gateway to the rich tapestry of Egypt, the prospect of Egyptian citizenship through investment unveils a host of possibilities. While an Egyptian passport may not boast the highest visa-free access, the investment options and numerical breakdown reveal an enticing opportunity for those looking to invest in the country and acquire a second citizenship.

Investment Options and Minimum Thresholds:

1. Non-Refundable Contribution: $250,000

   - A direct contribution to the Egyptian treasury, serving as a non-refundable donation to the state.

2. Real Estate Investment: $300,000

   - Investment in real estate, excluding the Sinai Peninsula. After obtaining citizenship, the property can be sold after a period of five years.

3. Participation in a Local Company: $450,000

   - Involves equity participation or full ownership of a local business. $350,000 can be withdrawn in the future, while $100,000 constitutes a non-refundable contribution to the state fund.

4. Bank Deposit: $500,000

   - Opening a deposit in a local bank in Egyptian pounds for a three-year period. No interest is accrued on the deposit.

Additional Considerations:

- Actual Cost: The practical cost of obtaining citizenship through real estate investment is approximately $310,000.
- Application Fee: An additional non-refundable fee of $10,000 is required for processing the application.


Advantages of the Egyptian Citizenship Program:


1. Diverse Investment Options:

   - The program offers a range of investment avenues, with a budget-friendly entry point starting from $250,000.

2. Sequential Process:

   - Approval precedes investment, ensuring a structured approach. The initial stage involves a state fee of $10,000 and legal services payment, followed by a security check. The principal investment is transferred only after receiving approval.

3. Flexible Payment Terms:

   - Investors can fund their participation through transfers from personal or commercial bank accounts, and even in cash. Transfers from third parties or companies supporting the applicant's investments are permitted.

4. Transparent Process:

   - Authorities collaborate with investors through licensed agents, and the entire citizenship procedure is streamlined to be completed within six months.

5. Accessibility for Russian and Belarusian Citizens:

   - The Egyptian citizenship program is open to citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus, providing an additional advantage for individuals from these countries.


The Egyptian citizenship by investment program stands out not only for its investment flexibility but also for its transparency and efficiency.


As an appealing option in the realm of citizenship by investment, Egypt invites individuals to explore its cultural richness and economic potential through this strategic initiative.


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