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Accessible Housing in Thailand

The content of the article:

  • Investor's Fears
  • Such a different Pattaya
  • Chiang Mai is the northern capital

Many people dream of buying property abroad, but most think that it is unprofitable, dangerous and very expensive. Let's figure out the investment horror stories:


  • the fear of buying real estate due to ignorance of the laws of a foreign country. The fear is justified, but not critical. Before completing the transaction, experts will help you understand all the intricacies of buying a home in this country.
  • the fear that they will not be able to transfer the money and the deal will fail. Of course, due to the sanctions, not all banks can help with the transfer of funds. But when making a purchase through a trusted agency, you will definitely be offered all kinds of options.
  • the fear that you will be "dumped" or simply deceived. This fear also takes place, because there are enough scammers everywhere. But a good agency will not allow you to leave a bad opinion about yourself. Reputation is above all for them.
  • the fear that there is not enough money and everything is very expensive. Many customers are surprised when we say that most countries offer, if not mortgages, then at least installments. So here, with the help of competent specialists, this problem can also be solved.
  • the fear that it will be difficult to pay taxes, utilities, fees, etc. And there is a solution to this question: it all depends on what you need a house or apartment in a foreign country for. If you plan to live, get a residence permit or permanent residence, then, accordingly, your expenses will be the same as for residents of this country. If you buy it for passive income, then when renting out, tenants will pay for these services, but you will pay the annual tax yourself, and it will depend again on the purpose of the purchase.
  • the fear that affordable housing will be something squalid, in terrible condition and in a terrible place. It is important here what you mean by the word "available" and in which country. Of course, in the EU, real estate prices are relatively high, unlike in the Asian segment, but if desired and properly selected, a suitable option can be found everywhere. Again, it is very important to do this through agencies with a good reputation.


To allay your fears a little, we decided to consider affordable housing using the example of Thailand.

In recent years, many tourists have chosen Tai, and our compatriots began to buy real estate there with great enthusiasm. Someone takes housing for the "winter", someone moves to permanent residence, and someone plans to rent it out. Everyone has different goals, as well as opportunities. But affordable and cheap are still different concepts. Cheap housing is likely to be on the secondary market, in an unfavorable area, in need of repair or even worse, with debts. But affordable is housing, which, apparently, is far from the sea (but there are many options for how to get to it), perhaps in a fine finish or not completed, but luxury facilities are nearby.

As an option, many of our compatriots consider Pattaya. If you compare it with real estate on the islands, then Pattaya, of course, is much more affordable. Here you can buy an apartment from 40,000 euros, whereas in Phuket this price is 2 or even 3 times higher. It is important to take into account only that this city is quite noisy and active. There are a lot of local attractions here: a 15-meter Buddha statue, a Buddhist temple, where there is a popular observation deck overlooking the city and the sea. Pattaya, despite the more affordable prices, also has access to water. For example, the Jomtien area is, in fact, one huge beach, but few swim there, since the water is muddy. But not far from the city there is a small island with white sand and azure water. For many tourists, these places are unfamiliar, since travel agencies rarely offer them, but the "locals" use such beaches perfectly. But in any case, everything will depend on your needs. It is one thing to buy real estate for rent here (it is profitable during the holiday season, since prices are steadily rising here). And it's another thing to live in a constant center of fun and get—togethers.

Affordable housing can also be considered in the northern region of the country. Russians pay little attention to it, since there are no popular resorts here, but there are great places for permanent residence. The northern capital, Chiang Mai, has long been loved by digital nomads from different countries. Yes, there is no sea here, but the infrastructure is well developed, the air is not as humid as in seaside towns, excellent service and gorgeous mountain views. In Chiang Mai, you can buy a good apartment at a fairly reasonable price, which will depend on the area, the year of construction, whether it is a condo or an apartment. All this is easy to choose with the help of a specialist who knows information about this region.

When we set a goal: to buy a particular housing, we first of all determine the tasks that this housing should justify. It is really difficult for an inexperienced person to do this, you can dig into sites in constant search. That's why we don't just offer our services, we want to help you make the right choice. Get online advice on affordable housing in Thailand.


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