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Affordable Domestic Flights in Popular Tourist Countries

You might be surprised to discover that domestic flights in many sought-after tourist destinations are often more budget-friendly than dining out for two at a restaurant. This holds true within the European Union and in popular Asian and African vacation spots.

Thailand: Budget-Friendly Air Travel

In Thailand, where the visa-free period for Russians was recently extended to 90 days, round-trip flights between well-loved cities come at a reasonable cost. Prices, converted to rubles at the current exchange rate, are as follows (including baggage):

- Phuket – Bangkok: 9.5 thousand rubles (AirAsia)
- Krabi – Bangkok: 10 thousand rubles (AirAsia)
- Chiang Mai – Bangkok: 11.7 thousand rubles (AirAsia and LionAir)
- Samui – Bangkok: 25 thousand rubles (Bangkok Airways)
- Trang – Bangkok: 11 thousand rubles (AirAsia and LionAir)
- Phuket - Samui: 21.2 thousand rubles (Bangkok Airways)

Egypt: Affordable Domestic Routes

In Egypt, the prices for domestic flights are similarly affordable, with many tourists seeking trips to Cairo:

- Hurghada – Cairo: 12.5 thousand rubles (Air Cairo)
- Sharm el-Sheikh – Cairo: 13.1 thousand rubles (Air Cairo)
- Luxor – Cairo: 22.2 thousand rubles (Egypt Air)

Turkey: Exceptionally Budget-Friendly

Turkey offers the cheapest options, with an extensive network of domestic routes. Prices start from just 5.3 thousand rubles:

- Istanbul - Ankara: 5.3 thousand rubles (Pegasus Airlines)
- Istanbul - Antalya: 6.9 thousand rubles (Pegasus Airlines)
- Istanbul – Nevsehir (Cappadocia): 13.3 thousand rubles (Turkish Airlines)
- Istanbul - Mardin (Mesopotamia): 10.7 thousand rubles (Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines)

Domestic flights in these popular tourist countries provide an economical way to explore various regions, adding to the appeal of these destinations. Travelers can experience the beauty of these countries without breaking the bank.


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